(a) St. Luke's VBS Director’s Kit



Our Magnificent Four: St. Luke the Evangelist VBS

Your parish will discover that St. Luke the Evangelist VBS assemblies, role plays, dances, art, games, prayers, and snacks are energetic and fun! Your parish will embrace learning about Jesus' life in St. Luke's Scripture, as Luke was known as the Gospel writer for women and children. His was a Gospel of simplicity and beauty and children appreciate St. Luke's exciting readings. Because this VBS was developed by educators, like all of our themes, children and families learn about the Gospel according to Luke in a fun and engaging manner, which brings them closer to God. Our wonderful WLP music is also a favorite among parishes throughout the nation.

Director’s Kit includes everything needed for Director and Volunteers:  

  • Colorful Full-Sized Station Guides
  • Complete Director’s Guide
  • Music CD
  • Dance DVD
  • Director’s Flash Drive
  • Themed Posters

Have a look at an example of our St. Luke the Evangelist VBS Scope and Sequence featuring the first two days of our five day week. We have decided to take Technology out of our Kits, as you will agree that it's time to get children off screen time during the summer!