(a) Amazing Apostles' Creed VBS Director's Kit: Clearance

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Amazing Apostles' Creed VBS CLEARANCE (Free Shipping 2/14 and 2/15)

Amazing Apostles’ Creed VBS: Children going back to the "basics of our Church," can be an outstanding experience. Our Holy Church and beliefs were inspired by Christ. What could be more "unbasic," and special than that? Like all of our Kits, this is a complete, Imprimatur approved, Catholic vacation bible school program.  It’s similar to most vacation bible school programs with crafts, snacks, games, prayer and songs. Our special difference is the infusion of solid Catholic teachings and energy because we know children, from our own backgrounds in education. 

Why is Amazing Apostles' Creed VBS on sale? We'll be honest. AAC VBS was our pilot program, years ago, and the guides need a "face-lift" that will be completed after this selling season. The curricula and activities remain wonderful, but our new guides are much more colorful, and professional in appearance. We suggest one of our improved Dance DVDs to use with the Amazing Apostles' Creed VBS. You may choose a free CD and Dance DVD from JTJ  VBS or St. Luke VBS, to add to your Kit, and we will instruct your parish about how the AAC VBS theme works with these new and improved Dance DVDs.

Take advantage of saving with these older, but still Solidly Catholic, VBS kits, until we revise this summer! We encourage you to try our much improved themes Summer 2020, so you can see how far we've come along.

  • Director’s Guide – scope and sequence, as well as instructions for the week, daily routines etc.

  • Director’s Flashdrive – helpful resources to help make the week a success, promotional materials, prayer and scripture posters

  • Art, Game, Prayer, Snack and Role Play Guides- includes a live rosary activity

  • Flash Drive  - leader’s can post prayers at assemblies and market

  • Music CD & Dance DVD – beautiful music for the children to enjoy